Trump Supporters Gather to Urge President Not to Concede, Clash With Opposition

(Noted News) — A crowd of Trump supporters gathered in D.C. for their “Million MAGA March” rally, supporting incumbent President Trump’s refusal to concede, leading to at least twenty arrests. 

Thousands gathered in the nation’s capital holding up flags, signs, and slogans, including “The media is the virus,” “Stop the steal,” “Release the Kraken,” “The silent majority is now speaking,” and, of course, “Make America great again.”

The group’s main stance is that the election was illegitimate because of alleged voter fraud in key swing states, and thus Donald Trump should not concede, and instead use the Supreme Court to overturn election results. 

Donald Trump made an appearance and was seen being escorted by his convoy through D.C. He did not make a speech or say anything to his supporters. Instead, he smiled through his passenger side window, gave a thumbs-up, and went to play golf. He later posted a video of the event to his YouTube channel. 

Claiming to have a message of “law and order”, Trump supporters carried a massive “back the blue” flag through the street, all the way to the BLM Plaza to rip off BLM’s signs that the movement had placed outside the White House. They also created their own rendition of BLM’s famous mantra of “say his name!”, finishing the chant with “Donald Trump” instead of the name of a black man killed by police. 

Eventually, once night fell, the crowds faced a counter-protest, leading to violent clashes, including a stabbing and multiple assault charges.  

Trump and his supporters believe that the violence was instigated by Antifa, with Trump later tweeting

At one point on Saturday evening, dozens of people dressed in black roamed through the streets targeting people wearing pro-Trump attire. They eventually targeted a group of Trump supporters who were eating at a P.J Clarke’s restaurant close to the White House, lighting a firework under their table before walking away. According to USAToday, a man who was dining was also seen throwing a chair at the group in retaliation.

Crowds who didn’t disperse on their own were eventually forced out of the area by police who resorted to using a chemical agent on them.

At the same time, at least 500 Trump supporters in Del Ray, Florida took to the streets in a similar style rally encouraged by veteran Republican provocateur and Trump ally Roger Stone. 

Currently, the Trump campaign has not made headway in its attempts to win back the election. As news spread about their lawsuits being dismissed, Trump tweeted:

Renowned attorney Sidney Powell, who’s spearheading the election dispute for the Trump campaign, told Fox Business that the ball was about to start rolling. 

“We’re getting ready to overturn election results in multiple states… I don’t make comments without having the evidence to back it up.”

Powell also claimed she has a whistleblower who has informed the Trump campaign alleging that the voting software used to tally votes was is specifically “designed to rig elections,” and that he “saw it happen in other countries.”

“We have so much evidence, I feel like it’s coming in through a fire hose,” Powell said. “We’ve identified mathematically the exact algorithm they’ve used and planned to use from the beginning.” 

Most media outlets and world leaders do not give weight to these legal battles and are recognizing Biden as president.

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