Live: President Trump calls Kamala Harris “nastier than Pocahontas” and “meanest” in the U.S. Senate at White House press conference today

(Noted News) President Trump opened the press conference by referring to COVID-19 as “the China virus,” as he did in yesterday’s press conference also.  He notes “violence, looting, and rioting in the Democrat controlled cities of New York, Portland, Chicago, and Seattle.”  And he said the mayors and governors in those states and cities have a duty to use all means necessary to end the “violence, injury, and death.”

He said Mayor De Blasio should hire the NYC police back “that were fired” without justification, “that is part of the defund the police by the Democrats.”

The “Democrats have been taken over by the radical left,” he said.  He said Democrats are doing “a bad job at law enforcement.”  He said the feds are “ready, willing, and able” to deploy to cities requesting help.  He noted “violent left-wing extremism,” “left-wing terrorism,” and “left-wing anarchists.”   He said local authorities need to arrest and prosecute these crimes.

He said what we are seeing in Portland, Seattle, New York, and Chicago, is the “Democrat roadmap for America”, they want every city to resemble Portland “gutting and hamstringing every police department in America,” “they want to get rid of your Second Amendment,””defund police or at least largely defund [. . . ] they took out a billion and crime is through the roof.”   He stated, “If the left gains power, not city, town, or suburb will be safe.”

“We have reeached an agreement with Moderna to deliver 100 million” doses, sold to the U.S. government, they are buying them, and secured partnership with Johnson and Johnson and Santa Fe and GSX to support the large scale manufacturing of their vaccines.  There are tremendous promise with vaccines in a number of them, he stated.  He said three candidates are in stage 3 of clinical trial, the final stage he states.

He said the “military” is ready to administer the vaccine to the public and can provide up to 500 million doses soon after, referencing Operation Warp Speed, stating it is one of the fastest in history.

He said the U.S. economy is “rebounding with strength” and we are very poised for a great third quarter, that the Dow Jones “increased more than 50%” since March, that America’s economy is incredible and “outpacing other nations.”

President Trump stated “87% of the counties in the United States reported declining cases” of coronavirus, and he encouraged people “to wear a mask” and “protect the elderly” and noted the increase in cases globally, including France and Germany, calling it “unfortunate.”  He also mentioned cases increasing in Spain, United Kingdom, Estonia, Slovakia, and that our cases are going down and we will be seeing soon.  He also mentioned  horrible deaths in the “New York tri-state area.”  He said “Latin American has more confirmed cases than the United States.”

He said young, strong people, will not have a problem with “the China virus.”  He said he wants to see college football start and he stated “we will eventually develop immunity.”  He instructed athletes to stand for the national anthem, he said NBA members did not stand and show support for our flag and national anthem and said they had low ratings, and NFL did that two years ago, and as a result, struggled with their ratings and they went down.

He said we have to protect our elderly population that has a sickness or weakness, such as heart issues or diabetes.  He said “protecting our nursing home residents is a critical part of our strategy.”  He said DHHS has more funds to protect nursing homes from “the China virus.”

He said “therapeutically we are doing very well” that “tremendous things are happening” with vaccines.

He said he signed an “executive order” and “will not let people be evicted.”

A reporter asked about Joe Kamala Harris record.  “She is a person that told many stories that were not true” she is big on “raising taxes” “she wants to slash funds for our military […] she is against fracking and petroleum products.”

Trump stated “she is in favor of socialized medicine where you will lose your doctors and your plans [ . . ] that she wants to take away health insurance for 180 million Americans.”  He said he is surprised that Joe Biden picked her, and that she was “nasty” to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh and that he would not forget that.  He said he was “surprised at his pick” that Harris “did poorly in the primaries.”

“We caught Joe Biden, President Obama” and “the whole group,” “we caught them spying on our campaign, “at the highest level of treason.”  He said Obama and Biden were caught spying on his campaign before and after the election, that it was illegal activity and that “we’ll have to see what happens.”  He also stated she was “nastier than Pocahontas to Joe Biden.”  He said Harris said things that were horrible “to Sleepy Joe” but he nevertheless picked her.

He also said that Portland had no idea what they were doing in response to controlling order and civility.  Again, he said she treated Justice Kavanaugh horribly, that “she was the meanest” and just about the “most liberal” in the U.S. Senate.

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