Fauci Says Virus Should Be Under Control by Fall

(Noted News) — The USA’s leading infectious disease specialist has placed a distant light at the end of the tunnel for people sick of the coronavirus. In a virtual conversation with California governor Gavin Newsom, Anthony Fauci said the United States will probably begin to “catch up” to the COVID-19 virus in 2021 as people get vaccinated and herd immunity develops. 

Despite a slow and expensive start to the vaccine rollout, Fauci says that late spring and summer should see a big enough improvement so that by fall, life can get back to a “semblance of normal”.

“By the time we get to the early fall, we will have enough good herd immunity to be able to really get back to some strong semblance of normality—schools, theaters, sports events, restaurants.” 

The recent mutation of the virus, first found in the UK but now in many countries, has painted a dreary outlook on the fight against the virus, with many worrying that it will render the vaccines useless. 

Fauci acknowledges that while the vast majority of mutations are “irrelevant” and are part of the normal evolution of a virus, this particular mutation appears to make the virus more contagious. The virus itself, however, won’t become more severe, and won’t be immune to the vaccine. 

“[People] should realize that this is an RNA virus. In other words, the makeup of it is RNA. RNA viruses, they make a living out of mutating, they love to mutate. The more you replicate the more you mutate so when you have a lot of the virus that’s circulating the community it means it’s infecting a lot of people, it’s replicating a lot and when you replicate, you mutate. 

“The overwhelming majority of mutations are irrelevant, they don’t have any impact on any important function of the virus. Every once in a while you get a mutation that does impact the function of the virus. It appears from what we learned from the UK and we’ll prove here is that this particular mutation does in fact make the virus better at transmitting from one person to another.”

Before their conversation, Governor Newsom announced that the new mutation, known as B.1.1.7, had been found in San Diego, California. He didn’t go into the specifics, but according to California’s Department of Public Health, the patient was a man with no travel history, meaning it was likely he got it from someone else who already had it before him. 

While President Donald Trump has celebrated the rollout of the vaccine as a major achievement and something that “no one thought could’ve ever been possible,” Joe Biden has criticized the program as slow and inefficient. 

Speaking from Wilmington, Delaware, Biden said he would “move Heaven and Earth to get us going in the right direction.”

“A few weeks ago, the Trump administration suggested that 20 million Americans could be vaccinated by the end of December. With only a few days left in December, we’ve only vaccinated a few million so far.” 

Biden also said he would administer at least 100 million vaccines in his first 100 days in office by setting up more vaccination sites and sending mobile units into “hard to reach communities.” 

All across the world, doctors and authorities are attributing the worsening of the virus to people’s unwillingness to follow the restrictions. A doctor in London even said that those who haven’t been following the rules have “blood on their hands.”

Fauci said that the biggest “game-changer” in the fight against the virus was the discovery that it was being spread through people who didn’t even have symptoms, not just people coughing and sneezing on other people. 

“It was the game-changer in everything we did. It was the game-changer in testing because you can’t just test people with symptoms, because you’re going to miss the asymptomatic people. Number two, mask-wearing became much more important because if you’re only worried about someone who’s symptomatic you know who you’re dealing with, but if you don’t know who’s infected then everyone should be wearing a mask which is the real fundamental rationale for saying we need universal and uniform wearing of masks..”

Currently, the virus’ death toll in the United States is approaching the 370,000 mark. 

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