Electric Car Industry Gets More Interesting With GM’s Hummer EV

(Noted News) — It’s easy to forget that Elon and Tesla aren’t the only movers and shakers of the electric vehicle industry. In the first half of 2020, Tesla had approximately 28% of all electric car sales in the US, followed by Volkswagen, Renault-Nissan, BMW, and Hyundai-Kia. Now, General Motors has joined the market with its own electric vehicle, an electric Hummer

The Hummer, generally viewed as the symbol for post-capitalism excess and the antithesis of environmental consciousness, takes a new form as “the world’s first zero emissions, zero limits all-electric super-truck.”  

The Detroit-built giant boasts three electric motors with a combined range of 350 miles, 1000 horsepower adjustable air suspension, and “Crab Mode”, where it drives diagonally. 

GM will be offering 4 different variants of the Hummer EV, none of which are affordable for the masses, and will generally be targeting the higher end of the car market. First to be released will be the crown jewel of the series, the Hummer EV 1, priced at $112,595; then the Hummer EV3X, priced at $99,995; followed by the Hummer EV2X priced at $89,995; and the EV2 priced at $79,995. 

The release of the Hummer EV is so far GMC’s most important move in its $4.5 billion project of shifting into the electric vehicle market. The Hummer was discontinued in 2010 with a solidified reputation as a gas-guzzling road-hog, only suitable for attention seekers and rap stars. To make sure the market would be ready to accept its resurrection into the world, GMC went through an elaborate process of speaking with focus groups and preparing its new image. 

CEO of GMC Global told ABC news about the redesign,

“Clearly there was concern bringing back Hummer. There was a recognition that the old Hummer was a gas-guzzler. We talked to focus groups to find out how deep-rooted the hate was. But we also knew there was something legendary about Hummer—something iconic.”

“It has a progressive design. It looks different from what you see on the road today.”

Phil Brook, vice president of marketing at GMC said that they were able to reconstruct people’s perception of Hummer by stressing the fact that the new Hummer is completely electric with zero emissions, and that its excessive size would be supplemented with 18 different cameras and front and rear pedestrian alerts, making for a more stress-free ride.

“The name Hummer can polarize people,” Brook said. “There’s no question about that.”

GM invested a total of $2.2 billion into equipping its factory in Hamtramck, Michigan to build the Hummer EV. GM is also focusing much attention on completely revamping its Spring Hill Manufacturing facility in Tennessee with new machines and technology to produce fully electric vehicles, including the Cadillac LYRIQ. 

In March of 2019, GM announced it would invest at least $300 million into its Orion Assembly to build a new electric vehicle for Chevrolet, bringing 400 new jobs to the community. This vehicle is to be based on the Chevrolet Bolt.

GM has also formed a $2.3 billion joint venture with LG called Ultium Cells LLC to build a new, state of the art battery cell manufacturing plant in Lordstown, Ohio, with hopes of creating at least 1,100 jobs. Construction of that factory is already underway and forms a big part of GM’s plans for an all-electric future

So far, GM has committed to invest at least $4.5 billion at three different manufacturing sites to position itself for the electric transformation of the car industry.

According to Mary Barra, CEO of GM, the company has plans to invest $20 billion by 2025 into electric vehicles and electric vehicle battery technology. 

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