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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes readers’ dreams

Injuries can represent an upheaval in one's life.tracy lorna/Getty Images/iStockphoto Injuries can represent an upheaval in one’s life.


I dreamt that infant boys were wrapped in gauze. When a woman picked up one infant I saw his right eye was white and oozing a thick white liquid. I asked her to bring him to the doctor immediately, but she laid him down, ignoring my wishes. He was silent. After many years the baby was a blind man because the woman never took care of him when he was an infant. He wore a blue burlap sack with a rope belt and looked developmentally delayed. Please interpret this dream.

Lisa R., Flushing, N.Y.

Analysis: There is the sense of crying over spilt milk, poor choices, ill-advised actions and their dire consequences. What is stressed is the realization that passivity failing to communicate what ails you brings disastrous results. To the extent that an eye symbolizes the “I” or the ego, a damaged eye reflects some sort of past trauma: The injured self is not seen in a positive light; when vision is compromised, it is blind to its injuries. The passage of time brings into focus abandonment issues, neglect and self-recrimination.


I dreamt I was looking at myself in the mirror in my bathroom at home. I had some cut on my forehead that was bleeding a steady, red flow of blood. I tried wiping it off with my finger and then tasted the blood. I clearly tasted the blood on my finger while I was still looking at myself in the mirror and then I awakened. What does this mean?

Dominik Zakrzewski, Middle Village, N.Y.

Analysis: Looking at oneself in the mirror reveals the need to reflect and the need for personal assessment. More often than not, a bathroom often signifies the wish to clean up one’s act. In this view, the bleeding is a blood-letting of sorts; it represents an emotional outpouring or upheaval. It is the wish for release. Tasting the blood allows you to savor the experience of learning what you are made of.


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