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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes readers' dreams

A buffet table can indicate two kinds of hunger: physical and emotional.mikdam/Getty Images/iStockphoto

A buffet table can indicate two kinds of hunger: physical and emotional.


I dreamt I was in a luxurious German hotel. Unsure if I was a guest, I walked through a gorgeous hallway to a buffet table, grabbed a white plate and was served portions of delicious potato salad by a man in a smoking suit. After eating, my sister arrived and I urged her to get a serving of the potato salad. I carried a spoon to keep eating off it when a friendly squirrel the size of a house cat came by. Being hungry, she began licking the utensil. Please interpret this dream. Carlos Soulis, California

Analysis: Dreaming of eating food reveals physical hunger: a sense of deprivation often associated with recent diets or stomach maladies whereupon food is craved. The empty white plate, however, suggests emotional longing is also in play: The potato salad affords the self-nourishment required. Worry over self-indulgence is handled by an unconscious trade-off: Food is shared with a sister and a rather large squirrel. One gives so that one may receive. Relationship break-ups, divorces, financial losses and deaths often trigger these dreams.


I dreamt I was at composer Aaron Copland’s house (who I knew in reality), looking through a window as his old girlfriend drove her car to the cliff’s edge. I screamed to go back, but instead of backing up, she went forward off the cliff. We cried over her death, but the car had hit soft patches we couldn’t see and she survived. I felt bad to be with Aaron in the dream as I knew he was dead and wondered why I was with him. What does this reveal?

Charles Z., New York, NY.

Analysis: The dream copes with the prospect of death by bringing the deceased back. When the wish to put death in reverse, like the car that goes forward into death rather than backward into a pre-crash state, is thwarted, the concept of death is mitigated by unseen soft patches that allow for survival and continuance. Visiting the dead brings fear of your own demise, of overstaying your welcome.

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