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Summer recipes with Latin-inspired twists

Cocoa Pebbles Churros - Using Pebbles Cereal.Courtesy of PostFoods.com

Cocoa Pebbles Churros – Using Pebbles Cereal.

All Aboard! This summer invite your taste buds on an adventure to the tropics with delectable Latin-inspired dishes, cocktail recipes and snack ideas that are rich in citrus flavoring and fruity delight.

By now we are well aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But who knew that cereal, the staple morning meal, could double as a robust recipe ingredient that produces mouthwatering results.

Skip the trip to the grocery store for the usual breadcrumb mix and reach for a cereal like Honey Bunches of Oats, which makes a perfect base for alluring appetizers from Crab Cakes with Sriracha-Lime Mayonnaise to Sweet & Savory Mango Spears. Make sure to spritz fresh lime on both recipes for that signature Caribbean flare.

The folks at Post Cereal took it to the next level with their Fruity Pebbles laced Tropical Coconut Crunch Flan and Coca Pebbles Churros, a fun twist on classic Spanish dessert dishes.

Cakes with Sriracha-Lime Mayonnaise. Courtesy of PostFoods.com

Cakes with Sriracha-Lime Mayonnaise.

Enlarge Sweet & Savory Mango Spears. Courtesy of PostFoods.com

Sweet & Savory Mango Spears.

Enlarge Tropical Coconut Crunch Flan. Courtesy of PostFoods.com

Tropical Coconut Crunch Flan.


(l to r) Crab Cakes with Sriracha-Lime Mayonnaise, Sweet & Savory Mango Spears, and Tropical Coconut Crunch Flan.

Another great summer snacking idea that the entire family can enjoy is Pineapple Dippers from Dole. They are fresh-frozen pineapple tidbits covered in decadent dark chocolate. They are GMO free, naturally gluten free, and just 80 calories a pack, leaving your sweet tooth satisfied without the guilt. Simply pull from your freezer and enjoy!

Entertaining can be exhausting. Serving up a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail is a great idea that can help your crew keep la pachanga going. Try out the Orange Basil Smash Red Bull mocktail, a breezy Mondrian citrus fiesta for your senses, infused with Red Bull Orange that leave you feeling spritely when things start to sizzle.

Orange Basil Smash.Courtesy of Red Bull

Orange Basil Smash.

Orange Basil Smash


8 oz Red Bull Orange Edition

1/2 oz Fresh Lime Juice

1/4 oz Agave Nectar

3-4 Fresh Peeled Mandarin Orange Segments

3-4 Large Fresh Basil Leaves


1. Muddle Mandarin Orange segments and basil lightly in a cocktail shaker.

2. Add fresh lime juice and ice and shake well.

3. Pour into a rocks glass over Red Bull Orange Edition with ice.

4. Garnish with a fresh basil sprig.


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