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Yesterday, NBA owners made the unprecedented decision to become equity investors in the daily fantasy sports business, FanDuel.   Unlike its past sponsorship of Yahoo fantasy sports contests, the NBA’s newest investment allows the league to profit directly from the fantasy games themselves.  However, the NBA’s investment in FanDuel is not without legal risks. read »

Microsoft has hit an important milestone of 10 million Xbox One consoles sold through to retail, but they’ve also outsold Sony’s PS4 the last two weeks. read »

Ubisoft often enforces a post-launch embargo, even for games we all know are good. read »

It would appear that there are two ways in which developers launch games with major online components these days. The sort that crash on launch day without much of a word beyond a “we hear you,” and the sort that come with a more elaborate mea culpa. The sort that actually work seem to be too few and far between. Yesterday, 343 Industries proved themselves the second kind when “Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s” servers crashed at launch, and they roundly apologized. It’s better than the first[…] read »

Gaming social network gamesGRABR has embarked on a second round of funding after being oversubscribed by 15% when it initially planned to raise £150,000 ($ 238,000) on crowdfunding platform Crowdcube. read »

That Dragon, Cancer is a video-game about a child with cancer. Today, a Kickstarter campaign launches to complete its development on PC/Steam and Ouya platforms. read »

I spend more time talking about what I liked in this game in part one of my review, here. read »

One of the PlayStation 4’s better looking exclusives is being pushed back. read »


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