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E-commerce is booming and over 50% of sales is from mobile

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Have you visited a shopping center in the recent times, and not just because you need to purchase some essential items or worked there but because you just wanted to go there? Have you bought some online in the recent ...

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Engadget | Technology news, advice and features

While the average Joe might use a wearable to see how many calories he burned on the way to Starbucks, such devices can be infinitely more useful for pro athletes. The Motus Sleeve (shown below) can even help Major League ...

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New & Cool Gadgets And Electronics | ExtremeTech

Using SMART to accurately predict when a hard drive is about to die November 12, 2014 at 11:47 am SMART, which first started to appear in consumer hard drives about 10 years ago, is a brilliant concept — it’s meant to tell you if ...

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Internet Technology News & Trends | ExtremeTech

New Google, and Larry Page’s continuing mission to explore strange new technologies November 5, 2014 at 9:36 am Google’s co-founder and CEO, Larry Page, has admitted that it’s time to find a new mission statement. The company’s mission, ‘to organize the world’s information and ...

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Driverless car researchers develop plan to prevent hacking on the highway

Share This article If an internet ne’er-do-well gains access to your computer or phone, they can cause an awful lot of havoc, but this is nothing new. You put the pieces back together, change your passwords, and go on with ...

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Assassin’s Creed Unity runs poorly and is stuffed full of bugs, on consoles and PC

Share This article After an absurd 12-hour gap between the release of Assassin’s Creed Unity and the end of the review embargo, one thing is clear: this game is a hot mess. It’s limited to 900p on consoles, it suffers from ...

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DARPA wants to build an Avengers-like flying aircraft carrier, to make drones even more effective

Share This article Drones are an increasingly important part of the US military arsenal. Low-cost, low-risk, alternatives to manned aircraft, they are versatile while at the same time becoming increasingly powerful. However, their speed and range is typically much more ...

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Dark market massacre: FBI shuts down Silk Road 2.0 and dozens more Tor websites

Share This article A large-scale bust by the FBI and the UK’s National Crime Association has resulted in the arrest of 17 individuals in several countries, and the shut down of more than 25 other .onion (Tor) websites — including the darknet’s ...

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ET deals: Mobile desktop deals – Lenovo Horizon 2e 21.5-inch for $750, Dell XPS 18 for $650

Share This article Mobile desktops aim to make it easy to enjoy portability and touch friendliness without giving up the benefits of large displays you’re used to from desktops. With intriguing options at different sizes, the 21.5-inch Lenovo Horizon 2e for $ ...

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Our terrifying reliance on GPS, and the need to develop a ground-based alternative

Share This article The Global Positioning System, or GPS, has — somewhat surprisingly — found itself at the heart of modern civilization. I don’t think anyone predicted how significant GPS would be today, just 14 years after it was made ...

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