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August 2015 planetary report: A month of luck, opportunity

August is a month of renewal.Mario Tama/Getty Images

August is a month of renewal.

With Saturn moving forward and Venus backwards, this is a month of renewal, where past projects, ideas, monetary situations and also relationships, can get the green light to put your goals and visions into action.

Week One July 27

The month of July closed off with the full Moon in Aquarius on the 31st, the second full Moon for July, so it was full of energy and packed a punch, and Venus, the planet of love and money, reentered the sign of Leo. As Venus continues her journey in Leo on her retrograde transit, she will stay there through October 8th, when she will move back to Virgo. This is an extended stay for Venus in Leo, and with Leo being such a gregarious sign with a can-do attitude; love can touch the hearts of many during this time. However, for some of this time, through to September 6th, Venus will be retrograde, so don’t be surprised if an ex lover suddenly appears back in your life, or you resurrect a relationship in some way. At the same time, it can give you a chance to finally cut the ties on a union that just isn’t working.  

On Venus’ monetary side, while she is retrograde, friends or colleagues from the past, or someone you know of, can present options or opportunities that can be beneficial. So don’t be quick to discard someone you think has nothing to offer, they just might prove you wrong. Projects that have lain dormant and forgotten can resurrect during this time, too, so don’t rule anything out. As Venus will sit next to abundant Jupiter until August 11th, keep a positive attitude, no matter what happens, with the knowledge that things can change, and quickly.

At the end of this week, Saturn, the planet of reality, comes out of its retrograde transit in Scorpio, where it reentered for a final three month period, and will now make his way back to Sagittarius for a year long stay from mid-September. So for all of August, Saturn will be direct Scorpio. This gives you a final month to dig deep and uncover any emotional baggage that still haunts you. Then you can bring it to the surface, have a good look at it, and discard it. It is very important to use the vibration of Saturn in Scorpio this month to do just this, as when it enters Sagittarius, the focus will change from your inner-self to a broader more expansive view of what is happening in the world, rather than just in your world.  It is also a positive and beneficial time to relook at concepts you put aside, or major long-term projects that were put on hold back in March when Saturn commenced his retrograde transit.

Week Two – August 3

There is a lot of planetary movement and interaction this week, and although it can feel a little unsettled, it does provide the balance of energy needed to make changes, and in some cases, push the restart button.

Beautiful Venus and abundant Jupiter connect at the start of the week on the fourth, and can spark interactions that result in good news, promising developments and feel good moments. This is particularly optimistic and abundant energy, where Lady Luck can present herself at precisely the right time. However, with Venus retrograde, and in a challenging square with serious Saturn, what transpires now could be delayed, which can be a killjoy. But although you may not be celebrating straight away, doesn’t mean that things will not go ahead. In fact, a delay can give you time to think things through more thoroughly and fine tune a situation so it is more viable. 

Mid week, on the sixth, action planet Mars in Cancer, will interact with Saturn in Scorpio, forming a water trine, so although you can feel motivated to get on with life, you will also be thoughtful and consider the responsible thing to do. And in this sense, the two energies, although opposite, do complement each other, allowing you to see all sides of a situation, instead of rushing in and making a rash decision you may later regret. And a square between Mercury and Saturn on the same day will remind you to keep it real, and speak from your heart.

The next day, on the seventh, Mercury the planet of communication and commerce, will make a move from Leo to Virgo, one of the signs it rules, and a full of confidence way of communicating, while in Leo, will be replaced with thoughtful and grounded common sense in Virgo. In this position, Mercury provides the energy to grasp complex situations and systematically work through any scenario to find a suitable solution. Mercury will stay in Virgo until August 27th.  Just before Mercury moves to Virgo, on the same day, literally just hours before, he connects with abundant Jupiter in Leo and can bring through positive news, perhaps a development that will allow you to move forward with plans.

At the end of this week, Mars will enter the sign of Leo, which adds to the Leo confidence and energy levels. Motivation to succeed is high, however, there is a risk element here, too, and it is wise to take a step back before impulsively rushing into anything, particularly if it has to do with money. Mars will stay in Leo through to September 24th when he will then enter Virgo.

Week Three – August 10

This week, on the eleventh, expansive and abundant Jupiter shifts gears from Leo to Virgo where it will stay for the next twelve-month period. This is a complex position for Jupiter, as its expansive energies, which look more at the big picture, are somewhat confined with Virgo’s talent of analyzing the detail. However, as Mercury the communication planet rules Virgo, there is a real benefit here to put complex situations into layman terms so it is understandable to the mass market and not just resonate with the scholars and academics of life.

On the 13th, the Sun will interact with Uranus in a fire trine, which can be unpredictable energy, so don’t lock your calendar and day-planner in too tightly; you may need to make some changes. The very next day, the new Moon in Leo signifies the commencement of the next two-week period of growth and new beginnings; especially with money and relationships as the Moon and Sun literally kiss Venus as they pass by each other in opposite directions. This is also a time when past relationships and or monetary situations can show up to give you a chance to change or update the status quo.

Week Four – August 17

Mid week, Venus will interact with Uranus in a fire trine and can cause unpredictable developments, especially around love and money, and although it can be short lived, can provide the energy to force you to make a decision on something you have been pondering about. Then on the 21st, The Sun in Leo will square off with Saturn, which can cause setbacks and delays, but can give you thinking time and also provide you with a reality check, which can enable you to change things around in some way so they are more beneficial. So don’t stress over a delay or setback too much, as it may actually work right into your hands. The Sun will make its move on to the sign of Virgo on the 23rd, which will help you do the legwork to get organized for the next month.

Week Five – August 24

The Sun and Jupiter connect on the 26th, which can bring about celebrations and good times. This is a beneficial time and if you can keep your mind and heart open, then change in the form of positive developments can touch your life.  This is not a long transit but, it is a powerfully lucky transit and for the few days either side of the 26th, make a note to avoid or sidestep negative people and situations. You want to keep your attention on what you desire to attract in your life, not on what you don’t.

The next day, August 27th, Mercury will enter Libra, and if you have had any unfortunate interactions with people then this placement will help you smooth it over and get relationships back on track and be able to come to an amicable and suitable outcome for all concerned. At the end of the week, on the 29th, the full Moon in Pisces can help you discard anything or anyone not working for your best interests, and open up to new situations. It can also help you to get in touch with your emotions and how you feel.  And with the influence of the Sun and Jupiter, as well as Neptune in Pisces, once you decide what direction you want to head, you can make it happen, making this an incredibly lucky time, even if it is a short transit.

The month of August finishes with an opposition between the Sun and Neptune on the 31st, which can heighten your instincts, but also cast a shadow of confusion on matters. To gain further insights, it’s important to pay attention to your intuition during this time. 

This is a very interesting time, and the month of luck and opportunity that we have been waiting for. There are openings to gain closure, renew or discard, and an abundance of luck and opportunity. The best way to ride the wave of beneficial energy available this month is to review or set your goals and consistently put positive energy and visualization into what you want to achieve. Minimize as much as possible any negative influence and focus your attention on the positive.

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