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Amazon pulls explosive hoverboards off website

Business is not booming for the explosive hoverboards.

Amazon has pulled several models of the self-balancing boards off its store as more of the toys continue to burst into flames.

The online retail giant warned all hoverboard sellers on Friday night, requiring documents proving the products met safety standards, the company Swagway told the Daily News.


The company’s hoverboard was a part of Amazon’s sweep on shoddy products, but Swagway claims it shouldn’t be.

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Amazon has pulled several hoverboards off its store after the devices were seen exploding.

“Swagway already meets all those certifications and has already sent the requested information to Amazon,” Lauren Song, a spokeswoman for the company told the Daily News.

Amazon’s cleanup took out a whopping 97% of branded hoverboards on the site, Swagway said in a statement.

FitTurbo, the hoverboard that burned down a Louisiana home in November is no longer available on the website.

The family bought the toy through Amazon for $ 400.

Timothy Cade's hoverboard exploded in Alabama. He said he bought the device from Amazon.AL.COM

Timothy Cade’s hoverboard exploded in Alabama. He said he bought the device from Amazon.

An Alabama man who recorded his hoverboard in flames claimed he also purchased it from Amazon.

Amazon did not respond to requests for comments from the Daily News.

Cheap hoverboard knock-offs exploding prompted major U.S. airlines like JetBlue, Delta and Virgin America to put the hot wheels on the no-fly list last week.

The UK’s National Trading Standards said 88% of hoverboards heading into the European Union were at risk for explosions, and had to seize more than 15,000 self-balancing scooters.

The concerns come from the device’s low-quality lithium-ion batteries, which are overheating and catching fire.


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